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Today's Solution to a Timeless Tradition: Handmade Wood Pellet Campfire Logs - Reusable, Portable, Affordable, Sustainable


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Hello, I’m Brian Grady

I’m a sawyer by trade – that is a person who saws timber.  I travel through Maine and New Hampshire with my portable saw mill sawing tree logs for folks who want to use the timber. But my true passion is creating the means to enjoy life.

Campfires have always been hard to resist but not easy to build everywhere I go. So I created the Repose Fire Log in 2008. This is what a writer for the Bridgton News had to say about Repose:

“If necessity is truly the “Mother of Invention”, then Brian Grady has designed one Mother of a useful product – re-usable, stainless steel Repose Fire Logs”, reports Lisa Williams Ackley, staff writer for the Bridgton News. Her article, which appeared in the September 4, 2008 issue of the Bridgton News, goes on to report:

Grady, a professional sawyer who operates his own sawmill, said the idea for his unique invention came to him this past February [2008], on a bitterly cold and snowy day, when the last thing he wanted to do was go outside and cut more wood for his stove. Even his black Labrador retrievers, Ivy and Iris, didn’t want to venture out into the arctic-like winter….

“The logs can be used in a fireplace, or outside in fire pits and chimeras,” said Grady.

Now, Grady’s unique stainless steel fire logs are selling like hotcakes – no pun intended. “It’s the only reusable fire log that I know of,” he said….

And, with energy costs what they are nowadays, Grady’s invention couldn’t have come to fruition at a more opportune time – both ecologically and economically….

After months and months of R & D [research and development], Grady said, I had an efficient, clean-burning, non-polluting, inexpensive system for burning pellets in my wood stove.”

“It amazed me, so that’s why I kept doing it,” said Grady. “Some people wondered if I was crazy, but I kept doing it. They don’t pop, there is hardly any smoke (generated), and they give off plenty of heat.”

Next, Grady came up with a reusable log that, he said, “could be used outside, at home and at camp.”

“I can make the logs any length, and each set…they’re great for backpacking….”

Grady has also come up with miniature smudge logs which, when lit, fend off pesty biting insects, like mosquitos….

Grady’s Repose Fire Logs are sold on the web at or directly through Brian Grady at