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Fill each Repose Fire Log with compressed wood pellets any time you want a campfire. Each log can be used repeatedly due to the stainless steel construction of the logs that can withstand temperatures up to 1400 degrees F.
Repose Fire Logs are portable - providing the ambiance of a back yard campfire, wherever you roam. The baskets fit one inside another and are easy to pack and carry. The perfect solution for RV campers, bikers and urban hikers.
Repose Fire Logs burn compressed wood pellets completely and efficiently. The pellets will burn, with
very little smoke or sparks, for over an hour. The end product is less than 1 oz. of fine ash which can be recycled as compost. Logs can be used as an open campfire or placed inside a chimenea or fire-pit.
Wood pellets, a manufactured biomass fuel produced as a by-product of saw milling, are considered CO2 neutral and the cleanest burning solid fuel. They also provide a consistent fuel source due to their low moisture content and low emissions. Pellets are a sustainable, available, renewable resource.
The 3 reusable logs hold about 10lbs. of compressed wood pellets. For less than $2.00 per fire it sure beats the cost of bundled firewood.
With the high and ever-rising cost of fuel, families are vacationing closer to home. Repose Fire Logs can turn your backyard, large or small, into a fun and inviting vacation spot year round.
Remember the fun and memories of gathering around a campfire when you were a kid? Roasted hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick anyone? Repose Fire Logs burn hot enough, and long enough, to cook your favorite campfire foods. Whether on a stick or raised grill over the logs, you can relive your childhood and give your children those same memories. Grills can be used to cook or hold the logs themselves.